Breast Reduction in Staten Island, NY

Dr. Decorato offers breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) to patients throughout New York and New Jersey, including Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Elizabeth, Newark, Jersey City, and Perth Amboy.

Breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty reduces the size of the breasts through the removal of excess breast tissue. Women with overly large breasts often feel that their breasts are out of proportion with the rest of their figure. Large breasts can also cause back and neck pain, among other medical problems. The goal of breast reduction is to leave women with smaller, lighter, and firmer breasts that are proportionate to the rest of their body.

Is Breast Reduction Right for Me?

Breast reduction may be right for you if you are a woman who is unhappy with her large and pendulous breasts. Whether you are seeking to reduce the size of your breasts for purely cosmetic reasons or because they cause you physical discomfort, breast reduction may be able to provide you with a more proportionate body and increased self-confidence. If you have a hard time finding clothes that fit properly or are the target of unwanted attention because of your large chest, you may be an ideal candidate for breast reduction.

Breast reduction is appropriate for women who:

  • Have fully developed breasts
  • Do not plan to breastfeed in the future
  • Are uncomfortable with the current size of their breasts

If you think this procedure might be right for you, check out breast reduction before and after photos to see the potential results.

The Costs of Breast Reduction in New York or New Jersey

Breast reduction pricing can vary depending on the volume of tissue removed among other factors. If your large breasts are affecting your health, the procedure may be covered by health insurance.

Procedure Details

Reduction mammoplasty is often performed with a breast lift to counteract the effects of gravity on large breasts. This procedure requires general anesthesia and usually takes three to five hours. There are several methods available for the removal of excess tissue from the breast.

The incision pattern used by Dr. Decorato depends on the composition of breast tissue, the volume of tissue to be removed, and your personal preferences. Incision patterns include the following:

  • A circle around the areola (pedicled method)
  • The circle followed by an incision vertically down the breast (vertical or LeJour incision)
  • The anchor method (the LeJour incision pattern, in addition to a horizontal incision, across the crease underneath the breasts)

The surgeon removes excess breast tissue, which may include glandular tissue, fat, and/or skin, through this incision. In some instances, liposuction can be used to remove this tissue, although traditional surgical methods are also employed. Remaining breast tissue may be sculpted or lifted, and the nipple repositioned on the chest before the incisions are closed.

Recovery After Breast Reduction

After breast reduction, patients must wear a surgical bra, which supports the breasts during the recovery process. Common side effects include swelling, bruising, changes in nipple sensitivity, tenderness, and discomfort, which may last for several weeks. Staten Island breast reduction patients typically return to work within two weeks, although strenuous exercise should be avoided for six weeks.


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Meet Dr. Decorato
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