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Dr. Decorato offers neck lifts (platysmaplasty) to patients throughout New York and New Jersey, including Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Elizabeth, Newark, Jersey City, and Perth Amboy.

Often, the neck shows signs of age sooner than the rest of the face. Heredity and weight loss can also affect the appearance of the neck. The neck may develop loose-hanging skin, horizontal bands or lines, or a variety of other effects. A neck lift procedure can reduce some of these visible signs of aging. Through a variety of surgical techniques, patients can achieve a firmer, younger-looking neck through neck lift procedures. 

Is a Neck Lift Right for Me?

Most neck lift patients are between the ages of 35 and 70 and seek surgery to reduce the visible signs of aging. Most adults of any age in good overall health can undergo a neck lift. Uncontrolled diabetes or asthma, along with some other medical conditions, may make you ineligible for plastic surgery procedures such as a neck lift. If you think that this procedure might be right for you, view neck lift before and after pictures to examine the potential results. 

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The Costs of Neck Lifts in New York or New Jersey

Neck lift costs can vary greatly depending on the methods used during the surgery as well as whether the neck lift is being combined with any other procedures, such as a facelift. 

Procedure Details

Neck lifts can be performed with either local or general anesthesia and may take one hour or several hours, depending on the complexity of the procedure. A neck lift frequently involves several different techniques to target specific problems. If excess fat deposits are an issue, liposuction may be involved. Another common technique is platysmaplasty, a process to tighten neck muscles and remove unsightly “band lines” running horizontally across the neck. Cervicoplasty is the name for removing excess skin, another key procedure performed during a neck lift. 

Neck lifts can be performed either endoscopically (through a small tube with a camera) or with open surgery, requiring a slightly longer incision. Typically, an incision under the chin is required to allow the surgeon access to the targeted tissues. During the liposuction portion of the treatment, excess fat deposits are gently suctioned out of the surrounding tissues through a cannula, or thin metal tube. Excess skin can also be cut out from the same incision line. Platysmaplasty, or the tightening of neck muscles, may require an additional incision behind the ears. The muscles may be realigned, or a portion of the muscle may be removed to create a smoother appearance. Interior sutures hold the muscles in an ideal position. Finally, the skin is re-draped over the neck, and the incision is closed with sutures. 

Recovery After a Neck Lift

Following a neck lift, the neck will be covered in a compression bandage which must be worn for at least a week.

Temporary side effects, lasting up to 10 days, may include swelling; bruising; discomfort or soreness; tightness, pulling, or tingling; and numbness, especially around incision sites. During this time, it is important to keep the head and neck elevated at all times and to wear button-down shirts to avoid having to pull clothing over the head and neck. 

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