SmartLipo in Staten Island, NY

Dr. Decorato offers SmartLipo™ (lipolysis) to patients throughout New York and New Jersey, including Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Elizabeth, Newark, Jersey City, and Perth Amboy. 

SmartLipo™, also known as laser lipolysis or laser body sculpting, is an FDA-approved method for removing stubborn fat deposits from nearly anywhere on the body. During SmartLipo™ treatments, a laser is directed through a small tube into the targeted fat cells, disrupting their structure.

Is SmartLipo™ Right for Me?

This procedure is available for the contouring or reshaping of most areas of the body, although it is most effective for precise adjustments on smaller areas of the body.

Ideal SmartLipo™ laser lipolysis patients are in good overall health and less than 30 pounds overweight. Patients who are planning to become pregnant or lose a significant amount of weight are advised to postpone any liposuction procedure, including SmartLipo™. Certain medications, such as antidepressants, antibiotics, and blood pressure medications could make you a poor candidate for SmartLipo™. In addition, patients with diabetes, liver or kidney disorders, heart conditions, or blood disorders may not be able to undergo this treatment. If you think SmartLipo™ may be right for you, view SmartLipo™ before and after photos to examine the potential results.

The Costs of SmartLipo™ in New York or New Jersey

SmartLipo™ costs vary depending on the size of the body part being treated and the volume of fat removed. Average treatment costs can vary anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. SmartLipo™ is often less expensive than traditional liposuction procedures.

Procedure Details

SmartLipo™ is performed under local anesthesia and is considered a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment. First, a saline solution containing lidocaine anesthetic is injected into the area to begin the process of breaking apart the fat deposit. Then targeted laser energy emitted by a handheld device liquefies the fat so that it is easier to remove. SmartLipo™ removes fat through a cannula measuring just one to two millimeters. This technique allows the surgeon to precisely control the amount of fat being removed.

The laser energy liquefies fat cells, which are then much easier to remove through the cannula. The technology used for SmartLipo™ is able to precisely target fatty tissue, avoiding damage to the surrounding tissues. It also has some skin tightening effect, as the laser energy stimulates the growth of collagen, a major structural component within the skin.

Traditional liposuction does not involve liquefying the fat cells in this manner, and the suction required to remove the fat deposit can mean more trauma to surrounding tissues. Because of the small size of the incision, SmartLipo™ often does not require sutures. The entire procedure usually takes between 45 minutes and two hours.

Recovery After SmartLipo™

Most SmartLipo™ patients return home within a few hours of this procedure. Some redness, swelling, or bruising may last for up to a week. Most patients take two to three days away from work and other daily activities, and strenuous activities should be avoided for at least two weeks. Compression bandages may be worn over the treated area to reduce side effects and hold the tissues in their new contours.

Because fat cells are permanently removed during SmartLipo™ laser lipolysis, if you do gain weight following the procedure, it will usually be deposited in other areas of the body rather than the areas that have been treated.

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