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EMSCULPT® in Staten Island, NY

If you’re looking for some extra help to firm up your abs or give shape to your buttocks, there’s a non-surgical procedure to help you do exactly that. EMsculpt® is available for residents located across New York & New Jersey including: Brooklyn and Staten Island New York, and Newark, Elizabeth, Perth Amboy and Jersey City New Jersey.

What is EMsculpt®?

EMsculpt® is a body shaping procedure, approved by the FDA, and designed to shape and contour the thighs, stomach and buttocks. It’s different from many other sculpting techniques because it simultaneously helps to remodel and rebuild your muscles in those areas, as well as reducing the amount of fatty tissue located there.

Dr. Decorato describes EMSculpt as a novel device that directly stimulates the targeted muscles to improve muscle strength and volume, while decreasing the overlying fat. Dr. Decorato calls this “S.T.E.M. Stim”: Strength Training through ElectroMagnetic  Stimulation.

S= Strength
T = Training
E = Electro
M = Magnetic

Followed by Stim for Stimulation.

Emsculpt - Before and After  PhotosBenefits of EMsculpt®

Patients who choose EMsculpt® treatments enjoy a variety of benefits and most are totally overjoyed with their results. A few of the most popular benefits include:

  • Decreased fatty tissue in targeted areas
  • Increased muscle tissue in targeted areas
  • First results are felt immediately
  • Continued improvements are seen over two to four weeks
  • Maximum results last six months or longer
  • Brief, non-invasive, painless procedure
  • No downtime needed following treatment

The EMsculpt® Procedure

EMsculpt® treatments generally take about 30 minutes. It simultaneously builds muscle and burns fat by stimulating far more powerful muscle contractions than you’re able to do on your own, even with an intense workout.

With each strong contraction, muscle tissue is forced to adapt by changing its inner structure and the release of epinephrine with each contraction triggers the breakdown of fatty tissue.

EMsculpt® treatments are typically done as a set, consisting of four sessions every two to three days over a two-week period.

Build Muscle & Sculpt Your Body

EMsculpt® Results

The results from your EMsculpt® treatment can be felt immediately. Some patients describe it as feeling like they just finished an intense workout. Over the next two weeks to a month after your final treatment, you can start to see positive results that will continue to improve over the next several weeks.

Following your EmSculpt® treatment, Dr. Decorato strongly suggests using a topical cream to help your body speed up fat-reduction treatment results, along with increasing your natural collagen and elastin production. TransFORM Body Treatment by Alastin® is made with TriHex® Technology to tighten and firm skin with continued use.

Results generally last for roughly six months, although there have been reports of even longer-lasting results. You may find it helpful to schedule periodic maintenance EMsculpt® treatments to sustain the muscle tone you’ve gained.

Cost of EMsculpt® in Staten Island, NY

EMsculpt® procedure cost varies with each patient, depending on how many areas you have treated and the size of those areas. During your initial consultation with Dr. Decorato, we can give you the cost for your customized treatment plan, based on your specific aesthetic goals.

Cosmetic surgery procedures are often considered elective by many insurance companies and the cost of those procedures are seldom covered. We try to keep our treatments as affordable for our patients as possible, so we offer several financing options from which you can choose.

For more information about EMsculpt® or any other services we offer, contact Dr. John W. Decorato’s office today to schedule a personal consultation. We offer EMsculpt® and other procedures to patients across New York & New Jersey including: Brooklyn and Staten Island New York, and Newark, Elizabeth, Perth Amboy and Jersey City New Jersey.

Meet Dr. Decorato

One of Staten Island’s top cosmetic surgeons, John W. Decorato, M.D., believes that your choice of plastic surgeon is essential to the success of any procedure. Before selecting either a procedure or a surgeon, learn everything you can about the procedures available and about the doctor. Well-informed patients are able to forge a comfortable professional relationship with their surgeon and actively participate in discussions about the desired procedure.

Meet Dr. Decorato
Plastic Surgery, John W. Decorato, M.D., FACS, Staten Island, NY Plastic Surgery, John W. Decorato, M.D., FACS, Staten Island, NY