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Spider Vein Treatment in Staten Island, NY

Dr. Decorato offers spider vein treatments to patients throughout New York and New Jersey, including Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Elizabeth, Newark, Jersey City, and Perth Amboy.

Spider veins are blue, purple, or red veins that are visible through the skin. They may appear anywhere on the body, although they are most commonly found on the legs, ankles, and feet. The number and appearance of these veins often increases with age. Most people will have some incidence of spider veins during their lifetime. Spider vein treatments include the injection of a solution causing the vein to collapse. This procedure, known as injection sclerotherapy, permanently removes the targeted vein. 

Is Spider Vein Treatment Right for Me?

If you are tired of unsightly spider veins, you may be a good candidate for sclerotherapy. Spider veins may be caused by aging, heredity, sun damage, and certain diseases. Both men and women are susceptible to these veins and can undergo spider vein removal. If you are currently pregnant, breastfeeding, or bedridden or have a significant history of blood clots, you may not be a good candidate for sclerotherapy. Most spider veins can be effectively treated, although those that may be used for future surgical procedures (such as coronary artery bypasses) are not usually considered for spider vein removal. If you want to have your spider veins removed, view spider vein treatment before and after images to see the results possible with this procedure. 

The Costs of Sclerotherapy in New York or New Jersey

The price for spider vein treatment varies based on the number of treatment sessions needed. Many patients experience substantial improvement in the appearance of their spider veins in just one treatment session, although additional sessions may be needed for full treatment of a particularly large vein or to remove multiple veins. 

Procedure Details

Spider vein treatments typically take 30 minutes to an hour. Performed with a local anesthetic, patients are able to leave the office immediately following the procedure. You should wear loose clothing or shorts so that the doctor is able to treat the targeted vein. Do not apply lotions or other products to that area of skin on the day of the treatment. 

During spider vein treatment, a saline solution is injected into the targeted vein through a tiny needle. The injections are spaced about an inch apart for the length of the vein. Some patients experience a mild cramping sensation near the vein as the solution is being injected. This is more common with the treatment of larger spider veins or varicose veins. 

The concentrated solution in the injection results in the blood vessel walls sticking to each other, and the clotting of the blood contained inside the vein. Within a few weeks, the spider vein will be absorbed by the body and will fade from view. Most patients find that the treated vein has disappeared within six weeks of treatment. 

Recovery After Spider Vein Treatment

No downtime is required after the treatment of spider veins. Most patients resume their normal daily activities immediately. Patients are encouraged to walk as much as possible after treatment. Most patients wear support stockings for a few days after spider vein treatment to reduce the occurrence of swelling and bruising. For the first 24 hours, spider vein patients are advised to avoid the following:

  • Sun exposure
  • Strenuous exercise
  • Saunas, whirlpools, and hot compresses
  • Hot baths or showers (showering is acceptable with water that is cooler than usual)

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