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Kybella™ in Staten Island, NY

Kybella in Staten Island, NY

Kybella™ is finally available in Staten Island to reduce the appearance of double chins with a simple shot. The FDA recently approved the treatment, which dissolves fat deposits beneath the chin. Dr. John W. Decorato is proud to announce that he will be among the first physicians to offer this treatment to his patients.

What is Kybella™? How Does It Work?

In short, Kybella™ mimics deoxycholic acid, a chemical compound found naturally in the human body. This compound is responsible for dissolving fat deposits and helping the body absorb them. Kybella™ kills the fat cells at the site of injection, so it is quick and minimally invasive when compared to past treatments such as liposuction, the current industry standard for removing excess fat under the chin.
Before Kybella™ received its approval from the FDA, there were two separate American clinical trials regarding its safety and efficacy. More than 1000 participants underwent the treatment, and more than 80% reported favorable results – a significant reduction in fat under the chin.

Why Choose Kybella™?

More than eight out of every 10 people with double chins experience self-esteem issues, according to surveys. The excess fat under the chin, unlike fat deposits elsewhere in the body, does not usually respond to treatments such as diet and exercise. It also becomes more noticeable with age as skin loses its firmness and elasticity. In the past, invasive procedures such as liposuction put off potential patients; they did not want to endure painful procedures and long recovery times. Kybella™ sets these patients’ minds at ease.

How Many Treatments Are Required? What Should I Expect?

The number of Kybella™ treatments you will need depends on your unique situation. On average, Dr. Decorato says that 12 to 20 injections are common per visit. On the same note, most patients should expect anywhere from two to three visits a month apart in order to achieve the best possible results. Patients who have severe double chin may need as many as 50 injections per visit with treatments scheduled a few weeks apart. Treatment takes about 15 minutes per visit on average, and most patients in the clinical trials noticed results after only a few treatments.

Kybella™ Is Not Approved for Sagging Skin, but Will It Help?

Kybella™ does not address sagging skin because it was developed solely to dissolve fat. However, some of the patients in the clinical trials reported that their skin seemed firmer and tighter at the conclusion of the treatments.

What Are the Possible Side Effects of Kybella™?

The side effects of Kybella™ are usually mild, and they mimic those of any other injectable medication. Swelling, tenderness, bruising, and discomfort around the injection site are the most commonly reported side effects, and these should abate on their own within a few days. Ibuprofen or aspirin helps with any discomfort.

In very rare cases, Kybella™ may cause damage to the marginal mandibular nerve. This nerve is responsible for facial expression, and damage may result in a crooked smile. The odds of this particular effect increase with injections close to the nerve itself. Only 4% of patients out of 5,000 experienced nerve damage and the problem resolved on its own in every case.

Can Kybella™ Melt Fat from Other Parts of the Body?

Right now, Kybella™ is FDA-approved only for the treatment of excess fat under and around the chin. Unfortunately, experts and researchers doubt its efficacy in other areas of the body, such as the arms, thighs, and abdomen. Although some evidence suggests that Kybella™ may be useful in addressing tiny pockets of fat, especially under-eye bags, there are safety risks involved and researchers need more time to determine whether Kybella™ is safe for use in other areas of the body.

How Much Will Kybella™ Cost? Will My Health Insurance Cover It?

As of now, there is no price information available regarding treatment with Kybella™. Plastic surgeons and pharmaceutical industry experts believe that the price will be in line with other dermal fillers, however. The actual cost depends on the individual patient, the number of injections per treatment, and the number of treatments required for achieving the desired results. A consultation with Dr. Decorato will give patients a clearer idea of the costs they can expect to incur. What’s more, because insurance companies consider Kybella™ a cosmetic procedure and not medically necessary, most insurance plans will not cover the treatments.

If you are concerned about the cost of Kybella™, Dr. Decorato provides financing options such as CareCredit® that may make your treatments more affordable. You may receive your approval in less than an hour. You may also use your Discover®, VISA®, or MasterCard® as your preferred form of payment. For a consultation, contact Dr. Decorato’s office today.

Why Choose Dr. Decorato?

With over 25 years of plastic surgery experience, Dr. Decorato is a board-certified surgeon who has performed a number of both structural and cosmetic surgeries over the years. As one of the most awarded and trusted surgeons in New York, you can rest assured that Dr. Decorato will personally attend to your questions, comfort, and needs from the very first visit.

Kybella® is the only non-surgical treatment for the elimination of fat underneath the chin. Contact Dr. Decorato’s office today for a consultation and learn how this FDA-approved treatment can make a difference in your look!

Meet Dr. Decorato

One of Staten Island’s top cosmetic surgeons, John W. Decorato, M.D., believes that your choice of plastic surgeon is essential to the success of any procedure. Before selecting either a procedure or a surgeon, learn everything you can about the procedures available and about the doctor. Well-informed patients are able to forge a comfortable professional relationship with their surgeon and actively participate in discussions about the desired procedure.

Meet Dr. Decorato
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