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Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) in Staten Island, NY

Dr. Decorato offers rhinoplasty (nose surgery) to patients throughout New York and New Jersey, including Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Elizabeth, Newark, Jersey City, and Perth Amboy.

Nose surgery, known as rhinoplasty or simply a “nose job,” is the surgical reshaping of the nose. Among the most common plastic surgery procedures, nose surgery can change the shape or size of the nose, narrow the nostrils, or change the contours of the nose tip or bridge. While most patients choose rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons, nose surgery may also be performed to correct a congenital defect or improve some breathing problems. During nose surgery, the bone and cartilage in the nose are reshaped to achieve the desired appearance. 

Is Nose Surgery Right for Me?

A nose job may be right for you if you are not happy with the size, shape, or profile of your nose. Common complaints voiced by patients about their noses are as follows: 

  • Too thick
  • Too thin
  • Tip is upturned
  • Tip is too pointy
  • Nostrils are too wide
  • Bump on the bridge of the nose
  • Nose is not symmetrical

In addition to these concerns, a nose job can also repair a broken nose, a congenital defect, or a deviated septum. 

Before undergoing rhinoplasty, it’s important to have realistic expectations. Just because you don’t like the current shape of your nose does not mean you would be pleased with a surgically reshaped nose. Potential nose surgery patients are advised to view rhinoplasty before and after images before deciding to undergo this procedure. 

Patients must be at least fifteen years old to undergo cosmetic rhinoplasty. One of the most significant factors affecting the success of rhinoplasty surgery is the thickness of nose skin. In patients with thin skin, minor corrections to the underlying structure of cartilage and bone creates dramatic visual changes, while patients with skin that is thicker may experience less noticeable results. 

Procedure Details

Nose surgery is typically performed with general anesthesia. During this procedure, precise areas of cartilage or bone may be removed, or synthetic tissues may be added to create the desired nose shape. This work requires incisions inside the nostrils and potentially on the piece of skin between the nostrils. Once these incisions have been made, the surgeon re-sets the bone and contours bone and cartilage. Implants can increase the volume of the nose. For most patients, this procedure takes one to three hours from start to finish. Once the surgeon has precisely sculpted the nose into a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, the incision sites are closed, and a splint is placed to hold the nose in its new contours during the healing time. 

Recovery After a Nose Job

After nose surgery, most patients experience swelling and bruising, which can extend into the eye area to give patients “black eyes.” These side effects typically last a week or two, and most patients return to work in less than two weeks. During the recovery period, keep the head elevated and avoid strenuous exercise. Although the nose can continue to shift slightly for up to twelve months, the full results of nose surgery are visible to patients about two months after their procedure.

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