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Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) in Staten Island, NY

Dr. Decorato offers eyelid surgery to patients throughout New York and New Jersey, including Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Elizabeth, Newark, Jersey City, and Perth Amboy. 

Eyelid surgery, a procedure officially known as blepharoplasty, is a surgical method for the removal of extra fat, skin, or muscle from the eyelids. This excess tissue can cause drooping upper eyelids and puffy bags underneath the eyes, which can make you look older and more tired. In some cases, sagging eyelid skin can even interfere with vision. Blepharoplasty targets the eyelids themselves, not crow’s feet or other wrinkles around the eyes. Often, blepharoplasty is performed with a brow lift or other cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance of the eye area.

Is Eyelid Surgery Right for Me?

The goal of eyelid surgery is an overall improvement in the eyelids’ appearance. Patients often choose blepharoplasty for cosmetic reasons, although drooping eyelids can also interfere with vision. Most eyelid surgery patients are 35 or older, although this procedure is also useful for younger patients, especially when heredity has resulted in large under-eye bags or drooping upper eyelids. Both men and women who are seeking a youthful and well-rested facial appearance may benefit from eyelid surgery, although a few medical conditions may increase the risk of complications.

If you have any of the below conditions, discuss the potential for eyelid surgery in detail with your doctor:

  • Diabetes (particularly if uncontrolled)
  • High blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Glaucoma or certain other eye conditions

Those who are considering blepharoplasty are advised to examine eyelid surgery before and after photos before deciding if this procedure is right for them.

The Cost of Eyelid Surgery in New York or New Jersey

Eyelid surgery can be performed on the upper eyelids, the lower eyelids, or both, a decision that greatly impacts blepharoplasty costs. It tends to be less expensive to treat both the upper and lower lids during one treatment session than having two separate procedures.

Procedure Details

Most eyelid surgeries take one to three hours, during which time local anesthesia will be used. First, the surgeon must create an incision in the natural folds of the skin either above or below the eye. Sometimes, these incisions may continue past the outer edge of the eye, enabling the surgeon to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet wrinkles. In the case of the lower eyelids, the excess tissue may be removed from the back side of the eyelid, rather than through a visible incision created in the eyelid skin.

Once the surgeon has access to the eyelid tissue, the next step is to remove excess fat, muscle, or skin, with an overall goal of smoothing and improving the appearance of the eyelids. Finally, the incisions are closed, either with small sutures or with surgical tape.

Recovery After Blepharoplasty

Following eyelid surgery, patients are instructed to use antiseptic eye drops or ointment during the recovery period. Patients should keep the head elevated and avoid strenuous activities to allow the eyes time to heal. During this time, paper tape supports the skin around the eyes as it becomes accustomed to the new contours. The area may also be covered in gauze for the first few days. Side effects most frequently experienced by patients include bruising or swelling around the eyes as well as watery or dry eyes. Other temporary vision effects may include double vision, blurred vision, or light sensitivity, which should subside within a week.

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