Tummy Tuck in Brooklyn, NY


The best way to find out more details about Brooklyn tummy tucks is to speak with a board-certified specialist. When you meet with your physician for a scheduled consultation, you will have all of your questions answered in full, so you can make the appropriate decision about a tummy tuck in Brooklyn.

A Brooklyn tummy tuck, also called an abdominoplasty, removes superfluous skin and fat and tightens muscles to form a flatter, more toned appearance in the stomach. Childbirth and weight loss can stretch your skin and muscles to a point of no return. Gravity and aging can also take their toll, affecting your skin’s elasticity so that no amount of diet and exercise can make a difference. With a tummy tuck in Brooklyn, however, you can “turn back the clock” and attain a tighter, smoother stomach, as well as reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

A tummy tuck in Brooklyn is a highly individualized operation that has been performed on thousands of men and women. Your abdominoplasty could involve one of three techniques: a standard tummy tuck, a mini tummy tuck or an extended tummy tuck. The method that your Brooklyn tummy tuck surgeon selects will depend on how much skin and fat you need removed.

Pregnancy and significant weight loss are typically wonderful occurrences. But even these joyous accomplishments can have some not-so-pretty consequences. Excess abdominal skin and fat can create a sagging or protruding belly that can affect your appearance and your self-esteem. When that happens, a tummy tuck in Brooklyn may be just the answer.


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Meet Dr. Decorato

One of Staten Island’s top cosmetic surgeons, John W. Decorato, M.D., believes that your choice of plastic surgeon is essential to the success of any procedure. Before selecting either a procedure or a surgeon, learn everything you can about the procedures available and about the doctor. Well-informed patients are able to forge a comfortable professional relationship with their surgeon and actively participate in discussions about the desired procedure.

Meet Dr. Decorato
Plastic Surgery, John W. Decorato, M.D., FACS, Staten Island, NY Plastic Surgery, John W. Decorato, M.D., FACS, Staten Island, NY
Plastic Surgery, John W. Decorato, M.D., FACS, Staten Island, NY