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5 Things You Should Know About Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal in Staten Island, NYConstantly dealing with unwanted body hair is a hassle that no one wants to go through. While some people do continue to shave and wax, there are long-term options out there for quickly and painlessly removing hair follicles. This includes laser hair removal, a modern treatment that could leave you with smooth and hair-free skin for weeks at a time. If you are considering your options for removing hair, take a look at these five facts about laser hair removal.
1. It Can Be Done Anywhere On the Body
Many people tend to think that laser hair removal is restricted to areas such as the legs and armpits, but this treatment option can be used practically anywhere. We have patients utilize this treatment for unwanted hair all over their body including the arms, back, upper lip, face, and bikini line.

2. Dark Hair Is Easiest to Remove
The process of removing hair with lasers is a relatively complex one. The lasers actually operate at a wavelength that is absorbed by melanin, or the dark pigment found in hair and skin. While laser hair removal can be very effective for lighter hair, the pigment found in dark hair responds wonderfully to these lasers.

3. Laser Hair Removal Is Not Permanent
Just as with shaving and waxing, laser hair removal is not going to be permanent. Luckily, it is typically going to last much longer than almost any other option as long as it is carried out correctly. Due to the fact that hair must be in the growing stage in order to be removed, we suggest that patients schedule additional touch-ups in the following weeks to remove any new hair.

4. Irritation Is Minimal
The sensation caused by laser hair removal is a unique one, and most patients describe it as a stinging feeling. Luckily, the discomfort is over quickly and is generally going to be less painful than other options such as waxing. After using the laser, the skin may be red for a short period of time, but patients will then be able to enjoy smooth skin with practically no irritations such as ingrown hairs.

5. Not All Offices Are the Same
The final thing patients should realize is that all offices are not the same. Our team takes the time to understand your own unique needs and then helps you build a treatment plan around those needs. We utilize only the most advanced tools and techniques in order to minimize discomfort without sacrificing the final results. We can also combine laser hair removal with a wide variety of other non-invasive procedures so that you can recreate your look from the ground up.

Smooth and silky skin no longer requires daily shaving or ongoing trips to the boutique for wax sessions. Instead, give Dr. Decorato a call today and set up an appointment to see if this amazing treatment is right for you.


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