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Body Contouring Myths Debunked

Body Contouring in Staten Island, NY
When it comes to losing a significant amount of weight — whether through diet and exercise or bariatric surgery — success is measured by more than just a number on a scale. If you have taken the time, effort, and expense to lose 100 pounds or more, you also expect to see a smaller, toned body when you look in the mirror.

Unfortunately, no amount of exercise or dieting will successfully remove excess skin that remains after achieving such a monumental weight loss goal. The results you desire will only happen through body contouring procedures such as tummy tucks, arm lifts, thigh lifts, and lower body lifts.

However, as with any type of cosmetic surgery, your ultimate satisfaction from these types of procedures will be based upon whatever expectations you entertained prior to your procedures, and these expectations should rely on sound facts, not misinformation.

There are numerous myths surrounding body contouring.

In order to assist you in setting realistic expectations that are fact-based, here are the most common body contouring myths debunked:

Body contouring will make me lose weight.

Body contouring will not help you lose weight. These procedures are best suited for someone who has already lost most of the weight they desire or expect to lose more with the help of bariatric surgery, or diet and exercise. Although it can be frustrating to notice areas of excess skin and tissue, it is critical to reach a certain weight prior to choosing body contouring to achieve ideal results.

Body contouring removes cellulite.

Unfortunately, body contouring does not remove cellulite. The fact is that cellulite, obesity, stretch marks, a history of sudden weight change, or sagging, loose, inelastic skin, can actually cause worse outcomes in many cases, depending on the type of procedure chosen.

For example, liposuction is not advised, but other procedures such as a body or leg lift can, at a minimum, enhance the appearance of cellulite-affected areas. Cellulaze, a laser treatment specifically designed to treat the multiple factors that cause cellulite, remains the best treatment for cellulite. Since these fatty deposits tend to be more superficial, the most effective masking job in performed by muscle.

Body contouring means a long stay in the hospital.

This is not true. In fact, the typical body contouring procedure is done on an outpatient basis. How long you are away from home largely depends upon if you have multiple procedures performed simultaneously.
Express your concerns to Dr. Decorato if time away from home will be a factor in your decision-making. Normally, these procedures do not last more than a few hours, and recovery is done mostly at home.

Body contouring is very risky and painful.

Although any surgical procedure entails a certain amount of risk, Dr. Decorato is very experienced in performing body contouring procedures using the latest technologies. You should discuss any concerns about risk and pain potential with him prior to your procedures.

Body contouring results don’t last.

This is not true, but the period of time your results will last will largely depend on you and not any procedures you have had performed.

You still must follow a diet and exercise program and maintain your health overall. If you do this, you can expect your results to last many years.

Of course, the aging process will continue. You may experience changes in the elasticity or laxity of your skin as you age, just like someone who had never had the surgery would experience.

Body contouring is expensive.

Since body contouring is an umbrella term that comprises a set of procedures, your cost can vary, depending upon which procedures you elect to have performed.

Because insurance companies normally treat procedures such as body contouring as an elective, you will probably have to pay the entire cost yourself. Do not rule out surgery before you have first consulted with Dr. Decorato to determine what the actual costs may be, and what financing options can be chosen.

Dr. Decorato accepts major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card. Financing options are also available via CareCredit® and SurgeryLoans.com.

CareCredit® offers fast approval and reasonable payment terms for individuals who are approved. If you need assistance to apply for the CareCredit program, we will be glad to help you when you visit our office.

Please keep in mind that you should make your decision regarding body contouring based upon actual facts that are best received from a board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Decorato.

Body contouring procedures enjoy an extremely high satisfaction rate for those who go into the process with realistic expectations. Since they do a tremendous job of enhancing the appearance of people who have excess skin following large weight loss, they significantly increase the chances that weight loss can be maintained over time.

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